Some great stuff on our facebook page the past week: a free wallpaper download of the human character race portrait for the second edition, a sample of the new deck plans and a hi-resolution version of the cover for the spacecraft builder players aid. Check it out.

The second edition re-write is finished through spacecraft design, now. Official release will be near the end of February.


Finished up the space travel rules re-write last night. Sublight travel is much simplified, and gateway travel has been made more flexible. Three chapters left before the second edition rules are done. I'm comfortable now setting an availability date of late February.


A suit of impact armor for the second edition rules, modeled by the lovely Brinda, star of the various rulebook examples. Background for this image is Sirius City, courtesy Steve Swayne.


Grinding through the equipment lists, and working on some new items. There are more vehicles to play around with and a new weapon (the Spark Gun) and some changes to existing equipment to make it more believable. One of the cool new vehicles is the unibike. Here’s what it looks like.


Finished re-writes of getting started, society and technology, character generation and skills. Then, while going through equipment, realized that I needed to go back and visit nuclear batteries. While extremely cool in concept, high-power nuclear batteries use some really, really toxic stuff, so won't be something you can buy on your corner store. I'm working the math with my favorite unobtainium, Metallic Hydrogen, and it looks very workable and a lot less nasty than using a hundred grams of Polonium 210 to power your car.

I also finished some layout tweaks to make the rulebook easier to read on tablets then tested a sample chapter on an original iPad and an iPad with retina display. It looks quite good. If someone wants to send me an iPad mini and an 10" android tablet, I'll be happy to test the layout on those, too :-).

And, finally, I got the whole battery thing locked down. Promethium-147 for low-power devices, and ultracapacitors (using graphene and some sort of unobtanium dielectric to get the potential up to a reasonable amount) for high-power requirements.

Promethium-147 really is a wonderful fuel for a nuclear battery, low-energy beta emissions, chemically non-toxic and biologically inactive (meaning it doesn’t remain in the body), and decays to daughter elements that are also non-toxic and biologically inactive, and it constitutes about 2.5% of the waste in a nuclear reactor, so it’s pretty abundant in a society with a large fission power-generation infrastructure. Cool stuff.


It’s been a while since the last update. Much of that is because I’ve focused on our Facebook page, but with some changes Facebook has made regarding who sees product page posts, I’ll be paying more attention to keeping you updated with news on this web site as well.

The big news right now is the Second Edition rules for Stellar Wind.

While working on the new setting book for Stellar Wind, I came across a number of rules, that while good in theory and casual play, caused some serious problems for long-term enjoyment of the game. After some heavy thinking and discussion with others, I've decided to write a second-edition core rules to address some of these shortcomings. The major changes in the second edition will be revised character generation rules that simplify character score generation, and that allow players greater control over initial skills, simplified combat rules to eliminate some of the bookeeping aspects while focusing more on the excitement and action of the fight, and most importantly, revamped space travel rules that simplify sublight travel (while keeping the unique aspects of travel in space), and a change in FTL travel that will allow players more flexibility in experiencing and adventuring in interstellar space. 10-29-2011

Lots of news since the last update. We’ve put up a new free product, Character Builder. It’s a spreadsheet that takes the time and headache out of generating NPCs for your game. We also put out a new Player’s Aid, Resumes and Rapsheets. It’s a list of ten notable NPCs you can use in your game.

And, finally, on November 1, as part of NaNoWriMo, we’ll be serializing a Stellar Wind novel, Cloud Divers. Check in daily through the month of November to follow the story.


Blast from the past! Journeyman, the precursor to Stellar Wind is now up for sale at DriveThru RPG. Journeyman is a looser, more free-wheeling game with the nostalgia of the early days of table top RPG. If you're interested in a complete system that doesn't kill you with realism, that lets you get a little more daring with your technology (I don't care if the engines are close to collapsing to a singularity, keep those grav drives on overload!), and fulfills the promise of the original Traveler, then take a look at Journeyman, a game rich in the science fiction tradition of the early days of pen and paper RPG.


Lots of news today. First, Olympus Mons is finished! Go take a look. Second, a new review for Stellar Wind is out. This one brings back the memories; it’s from a fan of Journeyman, the progenitor of Stellar Wind written some twenty years ago. Those were the days!


The future history for Olympus Mons is finished. It takes and expands on the sample timeline in the core rules. It has a touch of Ayn Rand, a touch of Heinlein and a slightly larger touch of Poul Anderson, without abandoning our core philosophy: Games are about having fun. Now on to government and technology.


We’ve started work on our first official setting, Olympus Mons. Due to the amount of material present, it will be released in stages, starting with a high-level overview that will get GMs and players grounded in the setting and ready to create some adventures. Release is tentatively set for the middle of June.


The print version of Stellar Wind is now available. Check it out. 5-5-2011

New review for Stellar Wind is up! Five out of five stars! You can read it here. And, yeah, we know what picture you're talking about... Unfortunately, indie houses on tight budgets often have to make compromises they aren't happy with, and scrounging up artists willing to work on the cheap under intense deadlines isn't easy. Trust us, we know.


We've released another player's aid: Spacecraft Builder. It's basically two spreadsheets that do all the heavy lifting for you in building spacecraft. One spreadsheet is in Excel format for Windows users with Excel 2007 or later, and the other is in Numbers format for Mac users with iWork 09 or later.

The Numbers spreadsheet is pretty slick: it will fill out a Spacecraft Data Record for you as you work through the spreadsheet and has drop-down lists, stepper controls and the like to help make sure you input the right information. Unfortunately, Excel doesn't support those features, so the Excel version is just a standard spreadsheet that does all the calculations for you, but nothing else. You'll have to manually copy the data over to your record sheet and manually type in your various components, fittings, etc. Feel free to complain to Microsoft about it. 4-26-2011

The proof for the print version of Stellar Wind arrived in the mailbox today. It’s 90% awesome, but we can’t sell it until it’s 100% awesome, so there will be a few tweaks to handle a couple of things that got munged in the translation from screen to print. If all goes well, print copies should be available late next week or early the week after. We’ll keep you posted. 4-25-2011

We've broken ground on the first of our two official Stellar Wind settings: Olympus Mons. Olympus Mons is a period 14 setting based in the solar system and surrounding stars within about a dozen light years and is geared toward folks who like their hard SF particularly crunchy. We don't have a set release date yet, but will keep you posted as things progress.


Devon Kelly has written a short and to the point review of Stellar Wind, giving it four out of five stars. You can read it here.


Print files have passed the media check. Just waiting now on the proof copy for a quality check. 4-18-2011

Print files for the Core Rules have been uploaded. Soft cover B&W print versions should be available sometime next week assuming the files pass the vetting process (DriveThruRPG's print partner is very picky on file formats). Hardback color editions will be available sometime this summer when DriveThruRPG gets support for that up and running. Folks who bought the PDF should get a discount on the print version. 4-15-2011

Forms & Records is officially up at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.


On Friday we'll be releasing a Stellar Wind Player's Aid Book: Forms & Records that contains blank forms for character information, inventory, spacecraft data, star system data, etc. Look for it exclusively at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.


To avoid a frivolous, but potentially costly lawsuit, we have changed the name of our product to Stellar Wind. We've also taken this opportunity to optimize the PDF and correct some typographical errors that got past our editing team. There has been no substantive change to the rule contents. It's the same great game, with just a minor name change.

Although the threatened lawsuit was without merit, we felt it more important to devote our resources to bringing you great products rather than on litigation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and, as always, appreciate your business.

Higher Dimension Games.

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